Game Registration Posters: The Target Symbol


There always seems to be confusion about this symbol on our registration posters.  We would like to try our best to preempt any confusion but explaining this in detail. These represent games that accept players in different or not-so-straight forward ways – shall we say “unconventional” (pun intended).  The Target symbol next to a game means one or more of the following:

In general, please go to the location of the game (table and/or room) to see if there are any open player slots.

For Board Games, the host may have multiple copies of the game or the game session may be short enough that the host can run multiple sessions.  For Demos of Board Game/Card Games, Collectible/Trading Card Games, Miniature Games, again the host may have multiple copies of the game to demo or the demo may be short enough that the host can run multiple sessions. For Tournaments, talk to the lead judge about the scheduling of each round and if he has room for more players.

For general play RPGs, the GM may have multiple characters prepared.  When we say “general play,” we mean unaffiliated with any kind of organized play or living campaign.  Usually these are one shots or demos.

For Organized Play RPGs, they are usually coordinated by their own coordinator.  You will have to ask around to find that coordinator.  Be sure to ask for the specific organized play game – Pathfinder Society, Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League.  You can not just ask for Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, because we have a lot of those also that are completely unaffiliated with organized play.  The coordinator may be playing or GMing a game so please ask around.

For Live Action Games, most LARPs have a lead coordinator/storyteller that will handle your registration.  Again, you will have to find that person.

For Video/Computer/LAN Games, these events have a lead coordinator that will handle your registration.

In all cases, those that preregistered players (people that  used OGRe to preregister for games) should get priority.

Hope that helps.