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MACE 2019 Feature Guests: Teller & John Goff from PEG

MACE 2019 is proud to announce another gaming guests and game masters from Pinnacle Entertainment Group – the truly mysterious Teller and John Goff!  Their games will be up on OGRe soon..

John Goff

John’s been playing RPGs for over three decades. In spite of publishing dozens of works for various gaming systems, his first solo project, the dime novel Night Train for Pinnacle Entertainment’s Deadlands steampunk/western/horror RPG—also known among players as the “PC Death Train”—remains to this day probably his best-known work.

Over the years, he’s served as the line developer for the Deadlands and Conspiracy X roleplaying games, as well as the Showdown miniatures game. He’s written extensively for Pinnacle Entertainment, as well as Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf, FASA, and several other game companies. His first full-length novel, Deluge, was a finalist for the 2010 Origins Award for Best Game

Related Book. His RPG setting, Deadlands Noir, won the 2014 Silver Ennie for Best Setting.  In addition to his work in gaming, John has been an interrogator for the US Army, a firearms instructor, a bodyguard, and is currently a licensed private investigator.

John will be running the following games:

Deadlands: Dark Ages

The year is 863, but the past is not our own. The island of Britain is beset by bandits, warlords, and Danes, but there are far worse things hiding in the shadows of the deep, dark woods and ancient ruins. Take up the mantle of an ancient mystic, a cunning alchemist, or a Peacemaker-wielding paladin as you find yourself facing an evil created from the mists of legend. Deadlands Dark Ages uses Savage Worlds rules (5 players, no experience necessary, characters provided.)

Deadlands: Lost Colony Reloaded

It’s 2097, but the future is not our own. The Interspace Tunnel has collapsed, trapping hundreds of thousands of human colonists on the frontier world of Banshee. Hostile aliens, strange creatures, and things that go bump in the night all threaten the settlers as they try to survive in a world cut off from home. Join the fight as a steely-eyed gunslinger, a nanite-wielding breaker, a battle-hardened syker, or a mighty anouk warrior. Lost Colony Reloaded is set in Pinnacle Entertainment’s popular Deadlands universe and uses the Savage Worlds rules (5 players, no experience necessary, characters provided).


The mysterious Teller’s background is unknown, but sources say he’s played RPGs since the late 1970s. He has written a plethora of products for Pinnacle since 1997, including major setting books,  modules, sourcebooks, and convention adventures. As the Brand Manager for both the Hell on Earth and Weird Wars lines, he is able to indulge his love of all things post-apocalyptic and military history-related.

Teller will be running the following games:

A Blast from the Past (Weird Wars Now)

War…war never changes, especially in a place like Afghanistan, where only the technology distinguishes the combatants from one century to the next. Now you and your platoon mates are about to embark on a tour of duty at a remote outpost the likes of which you’ve never dreamed of before– maybe we should call them nightmares.

Something’s Fishy (Weird War Two)

It’s the fall of 1942, and the Battle of the Atlantic is taking a deadly toll of Allied shipping. The British High Command is desperate for some way to stop the U-boats from reaping their deadly harvest before England is strangled by the grey wolves of the sea. Several commando teams who were infiltrated into France to find and destroy hidden U-Boat pens have gone missing, and now it’s your turn to try and stop this menace to the war effort. Good luck.

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE 2016: Feature GM Guest, Teller (PEG)

MACE 2016 is proud to announce another gaming guest and GM from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  The truly mysterious Teller!  His game will be up on OGRe soon.ogre.logo20.sidemenu

Teller is the Weird Wars Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group. His latest published work, the Weird War I line, gives supernatural bent to an already horrific time of history, the War to End All Wars.

This includes the core books—Weird War I Player’s Guide and Weird War I War Master’s Handbook—a GM Screen with Raid on Fort Douaumont adventure, a second Plot Point Campaign, In Vino Veritas, and an adventure co-written with John “Night Train” Goff, No Man’s Land. He’s also designed the most pregenerated Archetype character sets of any Pinnacle setting: one group each for WWI Civilians, French, British, United States, Germans, Airmen, and Sailors!

He has also written Weird Wars: Rome, Weird War II, and Tour of Darkness for Savage Worlds, as well as other books for Weird Wars II for d20.


MACE 2016

November 11-13 2016
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC