OGRE 101 How to view the schedule without logging in

Contrary to rumor, you can actually view the game schedule in OGRe without logging in.  We are not really sure where the rumor came from but it is simple enough to resolve.

In all cases, you start out on the OGRe Landing Page or Home Page, which giver you basic information about OGRe, the events associated to this instance of OGRe and the main menu on the left.


If you don’t see the navigation, you can use the Toggle Menu button (Circled in Red) to reveal  or hide it.  You can use this button at any time during your OGRe experience.


Once on the Landing Page, click Event Schedule on the Left Menu list. (Circled in Red)


Note that these are the same steps to see the schedule whether you are logged in or not.  Clicking this link reveals a tabbed page with primarily 3 tables but there may be 4, depending on the types of events on the schedule.


This is called the Schedule Browser and the primary tabs that you see are:

  • Games Schedule – This is a means to search and display the complete schedule.  You can Display the whole schedule (which might take a few seconds to load), search with the Basic search criteria (Game Name), or open the Advanced Search criteria to narrow your search even further.
  • Organized Play – This is simply a special view of the same Game Schedule data, filtering out ONLY the organized play games.
  • Game List – A means to list all the individual games on the schedule and find out when they are scheduled (by clicking on the game name).  This is different from the Game Name search in that it includes Personal Game Libraries that people are bringing for the “Player’s Choice” as well as games included in multi-game demos sessions.

Another table that MIGHT be displayed is the Non-Gaming/Panels tab that displays only if there are non-gaming events on the schedule. These might be auctions, discussion panels or other non-gaming events.  This works just like the Game Schedule tab.

Once you click Display Schedule, you will see the scheduled display like this:



Schedules will vary based on events.