The Future of JustUs & MACE

Dear MACE Family

These last 25 years have been fantastic. I never thought the convention would have lasted this long. We held on during 2020 with a small event and then returned in 2021 celebrating the 25th with over 500 in attendance. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done these past many years. I am glad we finished this year with such a great weekend because I have some news to share.

I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer on Dec. 9th. I am not sure what will happen or where I will be in a year. I start immunotherapy on Jan 3rd and will continue this course of treatment every 3 weeks for the next 3 months. With luck, hope, prayer, science, skill and a miracle I will see this thing through.

We are planning on doing MACE West in March. Now I do not know what is going to happen with Covid, so things could change over the next many weeks.

I will be in touch with the Club MACE group as I find out more on refunds, insurance and other questions we have.

As far as MACE goes, for now it is on hold for 2022. I am not sure if we will have one this year or not. A lot is dependent on how the treatments go.

I ask for your thoughts and prayers as Karen, the boys and I go through this.