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Star Wars Killer, MACE 2015

MACE 2015 will be hosting another Killer, game of assassination. This special versions of Killer – Conkiller – will be hosted at MACE 2015.  It will last all day Saturday or until the last Assassin is standing. Players can go about enjoying the rest of the Con, while at the same time participate in this live action event where they are always looking over their shoulder.  Each player will be supplied a set of rules, basic supply package, and a target.

However, there is a specific theme (that was requested) to this year’s Killer event.  We have integrated a Star Wars theme into the game and key to that is the concept of a Bounty Hunter.  This is a new role to the game and will add a new dynamic. I will be posting rules soon with the MACE 2015 Star Wars expansion soon.


Player will need to either preregister or register by Friday night.  They will also need to email us a selfie as soon as possible.  The selfie must be clear, and recognizable as yourself.  It must look like you.  Email it to the gaming coordinator.

Star Wars Killer Trophy!  Win the Golden Skull!





This special versions of SJ Games Killer – called ConKiller – will be hosted at this MACE event and last all day Saturday or until the last Assassin is standing.  Players can go about enjoying the rest of the Con while knowing that they are a Target.  Each player will be supplied a set of rules, basic supply package (including $200 Killer Dollars), a Killer Badge sticker and a Target.

General Rules: In ConKiller, the goal is to assassinate your assigned Targets.  Your Target is also an Assassin and will also have a Target.  Once you assassinate your Target, you inherit his Target. A legitimate and legal Assassination is one that is done with no Witnesses (see Witness).  Accomplices (see Accomplices) do not count as Witness.

The GM does not like adjudicating rules. If the players cannot work it out with the GM’s assistance, Open Season may be called on both players. Alternatively, a Duel may be called.  Play within the spirit of the rules. They are meant to be followed, with reasonable bending, GM’s discretion.

Targets can defend themselves, if armed.  If there is a situation where the Target is able to defend himself, a Duel may be called (See Duels).

Killer Central: Killer Central will be located near Gaming Registration

Time Limit: Con Killer will begin at 10:00am Saturday morning, and conclude at midnight.

Winning: The winner is the last person standing.  If the game ends with no single winner, the winner is determined by the one with the most money.

Important to remember

  1. No Hurting. No one in the game should ever feel unsafe.
  2. If you ruin anything while playing be prepared to pay for it
  3. Do not disturb people who aren’t playing (NPCs)
  4. Do not break any convention rules or local, state, or federal laws.

Witnesses: RULE #1 of KillerNo Witnesses.  Kills need to be done in secrecy. If a kill is performed out in the open, then any non-player can be considered a Witness. Every Witness to a kill equals thirty (30) minutes of Open Season on that Assassin, unless the Assassin is wearing a Mask. Masks may be purchased at Killer Central at the price listed. Masked Assassins are automatically open Targets to all Killer players.

Bystanders: Anyone who is not playing Killer is an innocent Bystander. Bystanders may not be killed. If one is, Open Season is called on the person responsible for one hour from the time Killer Central is notified. If more than one Bystander is killed, the time is one hour per Bystander killed.

Accomplices: Any Assassin for the fee stated in the purchases chart may voluntarily hire any willing convention attendant. An Accomplice may never hold a weapon, or attack any Target.  Here are some examples of what an Accomplice may be used for:

  • Spot a Target while the Assassin remains hidden
  • Distract a Target to lure them into danger or out of safety
  • Help a Assassin

Killing an accomplice has the same penalties as killing an innocent Bystander.  An accomplice cannot wear a Mask in order to appear as an Assassin.  Further, any Assassin player can volunteer to be an accomplice for another player for free. (Of course, if you ask another player to be your accomplice, watch out- you may also be their Target!)

Legitimate Targets: A person may only be freely attacked under the following conditions:

  • The person is the Assassin’s assigned Target
  • The person is attacking the Assassin
  • The person is currently wearing a Mask.
  • The person is holding a weapon in sight (only Killer weapons!)
  • The person is under an Open Season condition

Duels: Some situations may call for a Duel.  If a Target becomes aware of an Assassination attempt and has the means to defend himself (with a weapon), a Duel may be called, for example.  A Duel is resolved by one or more rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors, depending on the weapons involved.

Duels occur in different ways based on the weapons.  Players involved in a Duel may have a melee weapon (knife) or a ranged weapon (pistol).  An Assassin cannot Duel with a bomb.  If the players have the same weapons, it is even up.  All that is needed is one round of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the winner.  If one player has a melee weapon and the other has a ranged, the one holding the melee must win two out of three rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors to win the Duel.

Killing his own Assassin gains the Target same reward as killing his Target.

Open Season: There are certain times that Open Season is called on a player.  Open Season means the Assassin in question is an open Target for a period of time.  An open Target is a Target that can be killed by any AssassinOpen Season is called on an Assassin if the he performed an Assassination with Witnesses present (see Witnesses) or he killed Bystanders or any other reason deemed necessary by the GM.  Open Season may last a specific time or the entire game.  Please report any Witness or Bystander kills to the GM as soon as possible so the GM can pass judgment.  All Open Season Targets will be posted at Killer Central.

Open Season Targets reward is the same as a normal target.

Security Lockdown: The game is taking place in a vast facility with many people around you (the convention). You must avoid a security lock down.  A security lockdown is provoked when an Assassination is witnessed in some public place by multiple people.  An Assassination in a crowded room or a crowded hallway provokes a lock down.  During a lock down, no un-masked Assassinations are to take place.

If one does occur during a security lockdown, one of two things happens, depending on how the Assassination occurred.

Masked AssassinationGeneral Lockdown: The Target remains dead.   All Assassins must report to Killer Central and draw a playing card.  If that card is a King, that Assassin is captured and taken away by security forces (considered dead to the game).

Unmasked Assassination – Man Hunt Lockdown: Only the Assassin reports to Killer Central and must draw a playing card.  Depending on the situation as explained to the GM by the Assassin, the GM may say a range of face cards.  If one of those is drawn, either Open Season can be called on the Assassin or the Assassin is captured, GM’s discretion.

An Assassin can bribe security to cancel the Security Lockdown for $150.  He can also Bribe the guard if captured for the same amount.

Successful Missions: When you have successfully killed your Target, the Assassin inherits their kill’s Target, and equipment. Report the kill to Killer Central to gain your reward.  You can sell any confiscated weapons back to Killer Central at half-price (rounded down).  Each successful Target earns the Assassin $100.

Sudden Death: If a player gets killed out-of-turn (if they become an open Target, or if they kill their own killer), they need to report immediately to Killer Central along with their killer so Targets can be reassigned.

Off Limits Areas: You cannot assassinate a Target or person in these areas or situations:

  • Any person’s hotel room.
  • Gaming tables/LARP area (within 3 feet)
  • Any convention sponsored area (Con Registration, Gaming Registration, Killer Central , etc)
  • Hotel Restaurant, Bathrooms

If an Assassination does occur in one of these areas, the result is reversed and the Assassin is considered dead.

Special Note: Con Killer is designed to run concurrently with the rest of the gaming convention, so please be respectful of this and don’t interrupt or disturb games and activities.

Basic Weapons  
Knife 10
Pistol w/ Silencer 50
Traps and Other Items
Electrocution 100
Invention **
Letter bomb 100
Pit trap 200
Poison, Contact / Food 100
Accomplice 50
Bribe Security (cancel Security Lockdown) 150
Intel/Information 100
Mask 100
Poison Antidote (see Poisons) 100

Accomplice:  See Rules above, under Accomplices.

Bribe Security: See Rules above, under Security Lockdown.

Electrocution: Electric current is represented by a colored pipe cleaner purchased from Killer Central that must be attached to a metal surface. The next person, player or non-player, to touch that metal surface is instantly killed.

Intel/Information: Any information supplied by the Target to Killer Central.

Invention: In addition to the methods listed here, any Killer player can invent a new kill method. New kill methods must be registered with the Referee, with the description posted at Killer Central.  Cost is up to the GM.

Knife: To make a kill with a knife, you must stab (gently!) your Target twice in the torso. Striking any other location, or striking less than twice, does not count as a successful kill.

Letter bomb: A letter bomb is represented by a piece of paper purchased from Killer Central with the word BOOM written on it. To set the bomb, place it somewhere out of sight. If someone (anyone!) reveals it, the bomb goes off, killing that person, and anyone else within close range (1 foot) of the Target.

Mark: Cover the face and hide the Assassin’s identity from Witnesses.  Negates the Witness rule.  Security Lockdown criteria still applies.

Pistol: You must be within 3 feet of your Target with the gun in hand and say “bang!” -outside of that distance, or without the gun in hand, it is not a kill. (Please be honest- this is just a game!)  Every gun has a silencer, which allows you to kill without sound or muzzle flare.  However, it does not eliminate witnesses completely.  You must take care to not have any witness.  Although you can probably shoot a Target in a crowded room, many will see the body fall dead.  The death must be hidden completely.

Pit trap: This is piece of paper purchased from Killer Central that can be placed on the floor in any convention space. The next person that steps on the pit trap dies- the paper must sit on the floor for at least fifteen seconds without being stepped on to become active.

Poison: Contact poison: Contact poison is represented by a special sticker purchased from Killer Central. To kill with contact poison, you must apply the sticker to the victim’s bare skin. Clothing does not count. Food poison: Food poison is represented by a special sticker purchased from Killer Central. To kill with food poison, you must place the sticker on the outside of the Target‘s food or drink, and they must eat or drink the product. Food poison has no effect if it is placed directly on the skin of the Target.  A Poison Antidote can counteract any poison.