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MACE West 2018 Special GM: Mike Welham

Mike Welham won Paizo’s annual RPG Superstar contest in 2012 when his adventure proposal for Doom Comes to Dustpawn was selected for publication in 2013. Prior to his winning of the contest, Mike had RPG design credits with such companies as Rite Publishing, Open Design, and Paizo. At MACE West 2018, he will be running two special Pathfinder (non-PFS) adventures.

We Be Leshys!

Pathfinder RPG

In We Be Leshys, the players control intelligent plant creatures who must save their forest home from a deadly fire and a group of mercenaries armed with axes and chainsaws who act as a diversion for a more sinister plan. The leshys must then mount a rescue of their kidnapped druid mentor and recover a terrain-shaping artifact also stolen in the raid, but the heist’s mastermind has nasty surprises in store for the druid’s would-be rescuers. We Be Leshys includes nine new playable leshys which maintain the particular flavor of the leshys while filling out traditional adventuring party roles.

We Be Leshys Again!

Pathfinder RPG

In We Be Leshys Again, the players control intelligent plant creatures who must travel to a bizarre forest after their home is devastated and several defenseless leshys have been taken to fuel the demonic perpetrator’s engine to wreak catastrophe on the rest of the world’s forests. Will they be able to stop the villainous plot before the strange environs warp them permanently?

MACE West 2018

March 09-11 2018
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE 2016 Featured Minis Game: Battlegroup WW2 Miniature

MACE 2016 is proud to host a bunch of Battlegroup World War 2 historical miniature game events on Saturday. Thanks to the guys from Ironfist Publishing for attending MACE once again.

About Battlegroup

Battlegroup Overlord is a new and innovative games system for re-creating the epic battles of WW2. These fast, fun and authentic-feeling rules, written by veteran games designer Warwick Kinrade (author of Kampfgruppe Normandie), are designed to play at 15mm and 20mm (1/72nd) scales.

Various detailed army lists included: German Panzer and Infantry Divisions, facing off against US and British forces during the Allied assault on Normandy and the liberation of France. Extensively researched background and comprehensive equipment data come together to create unique army lists that look and feel authentic.

MACE 2016

November 11-13 2016
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE hits a new high!

MACE 2015 was the best year ever, and the numbers show.  In 2015, we set a new attendance record of over 700 attendees!  That is up about 50+ people and a very manageable growth rate for Jeff and I.

Much of that was apparent in the number of pick up board games, and new events. I think the Malifaux minis tournament, the Star Wars X-Wing tournament, the great crowd we got for the Mage Wars Wounded Warrior tournament, and the LARP all contributed to the growth.

JustUs Productions measures purely by badge count and nothing more.  Some cons explode their numbers by multiplying that number by the number of days (turnstile count) but we find that a little shifty.  If you want turnstile, you can do the math.

Thanks to all that attended, especially the new people.  We hope to see you again.  Please feel free to comment here, in our facebook group or email us if you have an questions, complaints or compliments.

2015 Play to Win Winners!

Here is a list of the winners of the Play-to-Win Games that we had sheets for at MACE. Congratulations to all who won. We had a good amount of players trying to win one of these games. Emails will be going out today. Please keep an eye out just in case I cannot make out the handwritten addresses. I will mail the games to the winners.

Bad Medicine – Colin Boothe
Dark Moon – Chris Norwood
Dimension – Elijah Gordon
Good Cop, Bad Cop – Joseph McPeeks
Hex*Hex XL – Brian Pope
La Granja – Jake Bock
Lost Cities – Lane Foster
Nefarious – Clarence Simpson
New Salem – Scott Jaworski
Too Many – Cinderellas Suzanna Vasquez
One Night Ult. Werewolf – Peter Ingraham
Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas – Donna Wiles

MACE 2015: The Gaming Coordinator Review

There was a lot of anticipation for MACE 2015, especially from me considering the advancements I made in OGRe and all that was planned.  OGRe is still not perfect but it works well enough that it is getting easier and easier for people to get a seat at tables they need to while at the same time get an idea of what games are playing sporadically or on flexible schedule.  One day, maybe will have a complete list of games in our library so more people can have a better idea of what is there, but for now, we have OGRe.

Lots of plans were made, lots of expectations were set but as my instinct told me, many were not totally fulfilled.  However, other things were surprisingly successful.   We added a lot of new things, tried a few new things, and saw old things resurrected once again.  MACE 2015 on total was a success and I am very proud of what we have built here in 19 years.  We had a good balance of scheduled and unscheduled/pick up games.  We had a great turn out of our unpublished games, as well as previews to Kickstarter games.  RPGs went very well. I would say that 80% to 85% of our scheduled non-organized play RPGs made, and the Organized Play did very well especially Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League.  I love the fact that D&D is back!  We did struggle finding DMs on both the PFS and D&D AL side but I think it all came together in the end.  Thanks to Mac, Nathaniel, and Tim for their hard work in the Organized Play areas.

Amazingly, Live Action Role Play has returned to MACE.  Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, LARPing was a cornerstone of MACE.  It has been a while since we had a decent World of Darkness LARP.  Finally, thanks to the advent of the Underground Theater, we have the beginnings of a good Live Action event at MACE once again.  Thanks to the UT group including Tonya and Freddie for organizing our first WoD LARP in a long time.

Of course, thanks to Stephanie Shinn and her crew, we had a great Warmachine and Hordes event.  Despite a few setbacks, we still had a great start to new miniature events for Malifaux miniatures.  Thanks to Dawn for her help there.  Unexpectedly, we had an awesome turnout for Star Wars X-Wing.  Thanks to Chris for running that.  I am very happy with the growth of our miniature gaming.  Even on the historical side,  things are starting to come together.

Board games, especially the board game library and pick up games were crazy this year.  I think the Flea Market tables were used more for pick up games then flea market stuff (although I heard that the flea market did well).  Changes will be made next year to accommodate that, for sure.  For instance, by next year the hotel plans to remodel the area under the escalator, taking down some walls and making it more open.  This will give us more room to place more open gaming tables.

Other successes included the Buy a Little Luck idea which was only intended for Friday but it turned out that the Savage Worlds players wanted it all weekend.  We will plan for it all weekend next year.  The Mage Wars tournament went well, thanks to Ben.  Most, if not all, the game publishers that attended were pleased.  Jeff can speak about the Dealers but I know I spent $100+ in the dealers room.  Artemis seemed busy all weekend as well.

I have to apologize for the minor issues we did have.  We had a considerable number of cancellations (more than normal) as well as several no-shows.  Those really bother me and those that simply did not show up without letting me know are not going to be allowed to run for us again.  Everyone should have known their schedule as it is accessible in OGRe and if not they could have asked.  I expect every GM to know their schedule and show up on time as it is a commitment to you as much as it is to me.  I am very disappointed with some people.

Because we left online registration open all weekend, it made it easier for people to register on their own.  We are going to continue to push that and close onsite registration on Sat night.  Obviously, I am going to develop more features to make it easier for people to activate and register, have a work station there for at least Sat night for people to do it on their own and leave contact information for people to contact me. but things tend to slow to a crawl by Sat night.  For MACE and probably MACE West, on site registration is going to start closing between 6 and 8 pm Saturday night.

Thank you very much for a great weekend.  You all are very gracious and kind.  I do appreciate the kudos and the accolades.  It would not have been possible without the support of my lovely and gracious wife, Stephanie, as well as my patient and understanding volunteers Megan and Heath.  And of course, thank you to Jeff and Karen, for forming a great company and giving me the opportunity to do this.  I already thanked all the GMs but I can’t thank them enough, at least the ones that showed up.  And thanks to all the players that were patient with us at gaming registration.  We were pretty slammed Friday and Saturday, probably more so than ever before, despite having an online solution open all weekend.

I did get a chance to game a little – Fortress America, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Charles White’s Templar Savage Worlds.  All were very fun and thanks to all that played in those games with me.

We don’t have the exact numbers yet. With so many pick up and flex-schedule games, I have no real way of precisely formulating everything all together.  As an estimate based on what I have in the database, I would guess we had between 650 and 750 tables of games, averaging about 5 to 6 people per game.  This does not include the LARP, the Kids Room or Artemis.

It was an enjoyable weekend, once again.  It took me a full day to recover but that is a good sign.  Thanks to everyone!  See you at MACE East!




MACE 2015: Battle For Oz/Shaintar Crossover

Pirate Press and Savage Mojo are currently working on a long awaited Battle for Oz / Shaintar crossover. In anticipation of that, all of the adventures run in Battle for Oz at Mace this year will be Shaintar crossover adventures!!

The Hook

The mysterious Red Brick road that straddles the southern coast of Munchkin Country pre-dates even the Emerald City. Though Oz historians have studied it for centuries, no one has ever been able to uncover the origin of the bricks or why they cant be removed from the ground.

Recently, even the forces of Ozymandias have avoided the road and the area surrounding it due to unexplained disappearances. A small band of freedom fighters have been sent by Amber Gayle directly to investigate the road and what new power may be growing there. Joined by a foreign pair of Knights that call themselves, Grey Rangers, the group finds themselves surrounded by the forces of the new evil Wizard and an unknown threat from outside of Oz.

Special Guest GM: Mike Yow, creator of Savage Kingdoms RPG


MACE 2015 is proud to host Savage Kingdoms, run by the creator Mike Yow.

From Mike Yow about his game:

Savage Kingdoms is a gritty sword-and-sorcery RPG, recently published by my small indie company called Fire In The Head Productions. The system requires only a single d20 which resolves all actions (including damage dealt in combat), “exploding” on a natural 20 and “imploding” on a natural 1. These can contribute to potential critical successes and critical failures.

The system is quite swords-and-sorcery, fairly Howard-inspired, but also with a good dose of Martin and even Tolkien’s darker stuff. Player-characters may choose from up to 15 human cultures/races to play, and there are several non-human options as well, such as the Sidhe, Duergar, Chenari, and Sslir. (More are coming soon with the second release from the line, the first campaign expansion supplement, The Savage East). Race/culture defines one’s character a great deal, as SK is not a class-based system, but rather utilizes a point-buy system for certain talents, skills, and even weaknesses. There are “life-paths”, however, for players more used to class systems or in case someone needs a quick character template.

I started designing the game engine itself about three years ago, and it first saw independent publication a year ago in November of 2014. Playtesting commenced for a year and a-half before, being featured/demo-ed at Dragon*Con in Atlanta for two years as well as a good deal of online playtesting utilizing Roll20. The setting, however, if much more venerable, as I used much of the world in my early D&D (and later Pathfinder) campaigns as back as 1983. As the years went by, and especially after deciding to write and publish Savage Kingdoms, I expanded the “known world” even more into a full-blown and highly detailed milieu.