MACE 2021: 25th Anniversary Bags

From the Facebook Group

I talked about the upcoming Anniversary Bag for this years MACE. Here are the 2 bags I am looking at currently. One is the GeekOn Shuttle Tote and the other is the BoardGame Table Premium Bag.

The hope is to have these embroidered with the MACE Logo if I can. Both are geared more towards board games, but I think could be used for RPGs and minis as well.

Let me know your thoughts on the bags. I want to make a decision soon on which bag to go with. I am looking at the blue bag for both, but if the logo will look good and show up on all the colors, we might be able to get different colors.



MACE 2021: Early Preparation

After a long and rough year, MACE is coming back for it’s 25th anniversary in it’s full glory.  We want to make the 25th MACE the biggest ever, and with your help, we think we can.

We have not sent out the general call for GMs yet.  This email is about MACE 2021 LARGE multiple-table/multi-slot events and the GMs/Coordinators that want to run them.  Large events are events that take up a lot of table space (usually games like miniature game tournaments, collectible card game tournaments or the like) and/or time.

Before I send out the general call for GMs, I like to get an idea of the big events and how much space they are going to use. This way, I can work everything else around this. We expect a lot of gamers this year and are doing all we can to make our 25th anniversary special. We have the entire hotel space for nothing but gaming.

So if you plan on doing something big, please start thinking about it and letting us know as soon as you can.  Email us at

Gaming Coordinator
JustUs Productions
MACE 2021

MACE 2021: 25th Anniversary Plans

From the Facebook Group

I am working on swag ideas for this years MACE. It is the 25th Anniversary and I want to do something special. We did an actual bag with other stuff for the 20th. I am thinking of having another BAG as the holder again for this year.

Or should I look at something else and not do a bag. We will have several other items, including a shirt, but would love some feedback on the bag-no bag idea.



Justus Productions 2021/2022

We have lots of plans for the coming year. MACE will be returning Nov. 12-14.

MACE West is looking to be around the end of February or the beginning of March.

Club MACE got rescheduled until July 9-16, 2022.

As we move along over these next few weeks, I will be posting more information on these events. If you are interested in Club MACE, let me know. It is a week of fun, touristy stuff and gaming in Ireland.

Take care of yourself and stay Healthy.

We miss seeing you guys!