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MACE 2019: Seeking DMs for The Deck of Stories

Like at MACE West, we are once again partnering with Critical Dice (www.thecriticaldice.com) who publish a simple and creative GMing tool called The Deck of Stories.

We are looking for 3 to 4 D&D 5e Dungeon Masters  to run 1 hour quick games.  Each DM will run a short game using the Deck.  After the hour, the DM will rotate to a new table with different players. Then rotate after another hour.  The Deck has story hooks so each game will be different. The DM will create the story as the cards are chosen. The characters will be the same for all games (regenerated, D&D 5e).

Let us know if you would be interested in helping.  Send en email to with the Subject line “Deck of Stories.” Asking for a one slot commitment.

MACE 2019

November 08-10 2019
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE West 2019: Open Painting with Karen!

Once of our MACE craft-con participants from MACE 2018, Karen Montgomery, would like to host a open painting session at MACE West.  Paint your minis.  Paint your crafts.  Get tips from Karen who is a very skilled painter!    It will take place in the Ducker Tea room on Sat from 1 pm until whenever Karen wants to clean up and go to bed.

Painting supplies ARE NOT Supplied.  You must bring your own.   It’s a place for all of us who paint away in relative solitude.  A chance to come together and share tips and tricks and give and get feedback.

MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE West 2019: Play to Win Games

We will have almost 40 Play to Win games at MACE West 2019.


Adam’s Apple Games


Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy


Space Base

Istanbul Dice

War Chest

Anvil 8 Games

Front Line: No Komrades

Bezier Games

New York Slice

Chara Games

Soul of the Empire

Cheeky Parrot Games


Formal Ferret Games

The Networks


Gorilla Games


Grandpa Beck’s Games

Skull King

Cover Your Assets

The Bears and the Bees

lndie Boards & Cards


Pirate 21

Exodus: Paris Nouveau

The Resistance


Joe Magic Games


Mayday Games

Bad Doctor

Poetry Slam



Shades of Vengeance

Champion of Earth

Evil Overlord

Smirk & Dagger Games

Before There Were Stars …

Nut So Fast

Stronghold Games

Paper Ta les

The Bottle Imp

Gold Fever


Thames & Kosmos


Drop It

Lost Cities: Rivals

Word Slam

Wattsalpoag Games

Echidna Shuffle

Winners will be announced Sunday Afternoon at 2pm. You need not be present to Win. Please PRINT NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on the Form provided.  Sloppy writing may cause you to lose the game you want. BE NEAT!

MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE West 2019: Empire Games

Empire Games will be attending MACE West, demonstrating their new game, Alchemy 101 as well as their great game, I Drank What?.  They will also be hosting a free open-play tournament for Alchemy 101. Join them as they show you how to poison your friends at a wine party and have fun doing it.

About Alchemy 101

Alchemy 101 is 2 to 6 Player game of magical mayhem!

In the game of Alchemy 101 you play young wizards at an unnamed magical academy of some questionable prestige. You are studying for the midterm exam, and your Alchemy Master has set an array of different potions and elixirs.

Your challenge is to find all the magical mixtures hidden among the Pumpkin Soda by any means necessary. To add to the test, a number of Essence of Frog have been placed among the potions. Those who get transmogrified will get an F (for frog, obviously) and must muck out the hippogriff stables (Ewwww!). This quickly becomes a problem because as soon as your teacher left the room, a less than graceful classmate has knocked over a Potion of Forgetting. Now no one remembers which potion is which. The only way to figure that out now is to start tasting.
Only one of you is walking out of here with a good grade, the rest, well, will be small, green and slimy. Alchemy 101 is a mad dash to see who gets the A, and who is hopping to the infirmary.


MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE West 2019: Savage Saturday Night

MACE West 2019 is proud to host anther Savage Saturday Night! This event presents Savage Worlds in a variety of different settings, some run by a number of professional game writers the game line.  SAVAGE SATURDAY NIGHT will take over the RPG room at 8 pm! A regular tradition at MACE West.

See schedule on OGRe. Search SSN tag for these games.

You must be registered for MACE West 2019 to participate.

About Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is a generic role-playing game and miniatures wargame written by Shane Lacy Hensley and published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The game emphasizes speed of play and reduced preparation over realism or detail. The game received the 2003 Origin Gamers’ Choice Award for best role-playing game.

MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE West 2019: Pathfinder Society/Starfinder Society

MACE West 2019 Pathfinder Society/Starfinder Society schedule has been posted to OGRe.  This willinclude  intro adventures for Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society, as well as new play test adventures for the new version of Pathfinder.  See it on the Event Schedule or the Organized Play view.  You must be registered for MACE West to participate.

PFS/STS/PF Play Test Scenarios

PFS 05-08: The Confirmation
PFS 06-10: The Wounded Wisp
PFS 07-10: The Consortium Compact
PFS 08-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose
PFS 08-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom
PFS 09-09: Beyond the Halflight Path
PFS 09-16: Fallen Family, Broken Name
PFS 10-02: Bones of Biting Ants
PFS 10-10: The Shattered Shield
PFS 10-12: Breath of the Dragonskull
PFS 10-14: Debt to the Quah
PFS Module: Crypt of the Everflame
PFS Module: Murder`s Mark
PFS Module: The Godsmouth Heresy
PFS PT 01: The Rose Street Revenge
PFS PT 02: Raiders of Shrieking Peak
PFS PT 03: Arclord’s Envy
PFS PT 04: The Frozen Oath
PFS Quest: Honor`s Echo
PFS Quest: Phantom Phenomena
PFS Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles
SFS 01-01: The Commencement
SFS 01-12: Ashes of Discovery
SFS 01-16: Dreaming of the Future
SFS 01-25: The Beacon Code Dilemma
SFS 01-32: Acts of Association
SFS: Dead Suns 01: Incident at Absalom Station

To learn about Pathfinder Society, go here.  To learn about Starfinder Society, go here.  At MACE West, there are all part of our Organized Play offering.



MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC

MACE West 2019 Special GM: Robert H. Hudson

MACE West 2019 is once again privileged to have the venerable and talented Robert H. Hudson.  He will be running Pulp Hero as well as Fantasy Hero.  See OGRe for more details, using Advanced Options until his Game Master Name.

Robert Hudson is a freelance writer whose work for HERO Games, in their Pulp Hero line, has been nominated for the prestigious ENNIE Award twice: Masterminds and Madmen in 2006 and Thrilling Places in 2007. Additionally, he’s written for HERO Games’ house e-magazine, Digital HERO.

A product of the early years of tabletop RPG gaming, he started in 1976 when there was only Dungeons & Dragons and hasn’t stopped since. Mundanely, he’s a reference librarian for a large Alabama-based law firm. He and his wife Mary Ann are married with dog and celebrate their sixteenth anniversary together this year.


Robert H Hudson MACE West 2019 Games

The Curse Of The Vulture God – Part 1 of The Dance of Destiny

System: Pulp HERO 6th Edition

Players: 6

Synopsis: When a colleague of theirs uncovers a new clue leading to the undisturbed tomb of a pharaoh, a group of heroic adventurers find themselves plunged into the middle of a millennia-old scheme to unleash an ancient, imprisoned evil. Can they brave sea and sand, danger and destiny to overcome… The Curse of the Vulture God?

Danger In Vesperidae IX

System: Space Pulp HERO 6th Edition

Players: 6

Synopsis: Survey missions are dull, boring, and necessary to push forward the boundaries of not just knowledge, but the physical borders of the Stellar Union. But sometimes… sometimes they awaken something that the crew wasn’t expecting. Once that happens, boredom is no longer an issue, survival is. Join the crew of the Valorous and fight to make it home from… the Danger In Vesperidae IX in this thrilling Space Rangers episode!

A Familiar Frenemy

System: HERO 6th Edition

Players: 6

Synopsis:  A group of familiars and animal companions under house arrest while their masters are falsely imprisoned on charges of looting a tomb belonging to a saint of the god of Justice are contacted by an old enemy who wants their assistance… and will help them clear their masters in return. Can they save their masters with no one the wiser? Is the offer genuine or is this all an elaborate trap? Or will they find common ground with… a familiar frenemy?

MACE West 2019

March 01-03 2019
Gaming in the Mountains!
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville - Biltmore
Asheville, NC