MACE 2017 Featured Publisher: NerdBurger Games

We are proud to announce NerdBurger Games attendance at MACE 2017.   Please Join us in welcoming them to MACE! They will be also bringing several new games including the following

Murders & Acquisitions

Murders & Acquisitions is a light, fun RPG of espionage, subterfuge, theft, intrigue, and murder in an absurd corporate world. The world of M&A mimics our contemporary world but with a healthy dose of humor and exaggeration layered over it. Players portray characters who want to rise up the corporate ladder by any means necessary. Thievery. Political intrigue. Espionage. Sabotage. Killing your rivals. It’s all fair game in an over-the-top corporate world.  The Murders & Acquisitions game book is a wholly self-contained RPG experience. Within its pages you’ll find everything you need to play the game. It includes character creation rules, full dice system rules, world and setting information, GM guidelines, and story creation tools. Additionally, it contains five chapters of optional, plug-and-play rules that you can use to inject a variety of fantastical elements into your M&A games.  Magic & Spellcasting Monsters & Templates Future Tech Cosmic Horror Apocalypses & Mutations Play the base game or mix and match these rules to create a unique game world everyone can enjoy. The possibilities are nearly endless.  For example, if you`re a fan of the Angel TV show, you can combine the base rules with some of the Spellcasting rules, some Monsters, and a few choice bits of Cosmic Horror to replicate Angel and portray lawyers working at Wolfram & Hart.

Die Laughing

Die Laughing is a 1-2 hour, GM-less story game. Players portray characters in a horror comedy movie. The dice function as a countdown clock to your character`s death. Even after your character is gone, there are ways for you to remain active in and influence the story.


The next RPG up for NerdBurger Games is CAPERS. CAPERS is a super-powered game of 1920s gangsters and G-men.  Eye beams and Tommy guns!  In CAPERS, players portray exceptional people – called `capers` by the general populace – who have been gifted with superhuman powers that defy the laws of science. You can play a gangster working to make his fortune in the vice-riddled 1920s. Alternatively, you can portray a member of law enforcement working to bring these criminals to justice.ogre.logo20.sidemenu

You can see the schedule of games as well as when they are running demos on our Online Gaming Registration system, OGRe.

MACE 2017

November 10-12 2017
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC