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MACE 2017 Live Action Feature: Shadowrun Live Action Role Play

MACE 2017 presents a new Day LARP, for Saturday morning and afternoon (10 AM to 5 pm).

Unfinished Business

A Shadowrun LARP set during Portfolio Of A Dragon

Moments after being sworn in as the President of the UCAS, the Great Western Dragon Dunklezahn was assassinated. The months that followed were made all the more chaotic with the release of the wiz wyrm’s Last Will & Testament.

The articles of the Will indicate a number of benefactors, as well as outlining criteria to be completed for claiming many more rewards. The denizens of the 6th World poured out of the proverbial woodwork all in the hopes of getting a piece of the action.

The Draco Foundation, a brand new shiny megacorp in its own right, was one of the first provisions laid out in the Will. As the acting agency of Dunklezahn’s will, the Foundation has brought some small degree of order to the chaos and the fallout, but the time has come for a temporary reprieve. On November 11th, 2057 at 5PM, the Draco Foundation will close its doors to the public for one month, opening again on the 3rd of the following months for a period of 7 days. The halls are abuzz with last minute efforts for claims, and as the day wears on the shadows stretch even longer.

Unfinished Business is a LARP set in the Shadowrun universe following the fallout of Dunklezahn’s death.

Costuming is highly encouraged!

Bust out the trenchcoat and mirror shades, or rock that pink mohawk with pride.

There is no entry fee to play, just show up! However, there are a limited number of characters. We are currently looking at a cast of up to thirty characters, but as we get closer to the convention dates we may add more depending on the response and feedback.

Contact  with any questions.

See game schedule on OGRe.  You must be registered for MACE 2017 to participate.


MACE 2017

November 10-12 2017
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

Shadowrun Missions on the schedule!

Shadowrun Missions, the organized play campaign for the new edition of Shadowrun, is returning to MACE 2015, thanks to Mac and his team.  Here is a list of adventures

CMP 2015-01: Tennessee Suite 1: Copperhead Road – When their coyote crashes his plane while smuggling the runners into Knoxville, they are forced to walk out. While making their way out of the wilderness, the runners encounter drug runners who don’t appreciate outsiders.

SRM 06-04: Tick-Tock – Melissa Truman was just sixteen when Bug City hit, and went missing the day her parents were evacuated. Now her old PANICBUTTON! bracelet has just gone off. Can the runners find it – and her – before the signal fades away forever?

CMP 2015-02: Tennessee Suite 2: Rolling On The River – A new Mr. Johnson offers a job taking the runners from Knoxville to Chattanooga by water, down the Tennessee River. After dealing with navigation hazards and river pirates, the runners must locate their missing contact in Chattanooga in order to drop off Mr. Johnson’s package.

CMP 2015-03: Tennessee Suite 3: Cinco De Mayo In Memphis – Mr. Johnson man on a key politician’s staff goes missing after sending a vague warning, and the runners investigate. They discover a mole in the Senator’s campaign and must attempt to rescue him before he commits an act which will give his – and Mr. Johnson’s – opponents leverage.

SRM 06-05: Healing The Sick – When bodies start turning up in Chicago’s downtown, Dr Tate sends a group to find out what is killing people and bring it back alive.

CMP 2015-04: Tennessee Suite 4: Leavin’ Tennessee – Wanda Tompkins introduces you to Mr. Johnson, actually a musician who wants to extract himself and his simsense actress girlfriend from the current corporation. But the only window in which this can happen is at a fancy premier party for one of the studio’s new trids. The runners must crash the party, extract the couple and meet up with the coyote taking them all to Chicago.


SRM 06-02: Amber Waves Of Grain – The runners extract chemicals from an old cargo container and deposit them in the water system for a large automated farm

About Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic Sixth World campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and participate in sanctioned events throughout the world. This gives players the unique opportunity to play a Shadowrun character of their own design with different people and different perspectives, and affect the storyline of the campaign.


Shadowrun/Battletech, a Time of War Quick-Start rules

Shadowrun Quick-start Rules

Battletech, a Time of War Quick-start Rules

From: Catalyst Game Labs

Reviewed by: Joseph Martin

Everyone loves free stuff, gamers possibly more so. When that free stuff is high quality and useful it is nothing short of amazing. “Free RPG Day” products can vary greatly in quality. Over the last several years they have gone from hastily assembled cheap productions to high quality items that many would pay a small fee for. Catalyst Game Labs has hit the mark pretty closely on this two-game quick start pack.

The physical product is beautiful. It is a flipbook with full color covers outside and in. The glossy card stock cover is both eye catching and rugged. Illustrations abound inside the book itself. The layout is good, the text very readable. Overall it is an impressive quality book, especially when you consider the price!

Shadowrun and Battletech have been around for quite some time. Both have a rich history and background. Enough of that history is presented to give new players a working knowledge of the respective backgrounds. The basic rules needed are presented well and appear to be pulled directly from the rule books themselves. All required stats, abilities, gear and more are presented. From a player’s perspective you could read through either section and be ready to play in a short time. Please note that while all the basic game mechanics are explained there are no character creation rules included. Sample characters are provided. This is not an issue with this being a quick start product designed for introducing new players to the games. Being a quick start product it would help to have a Game Master who has played the game previously and has a little experience. A completely new group, including Game Master might fumble a little bit but will be able to play and hopefully enjoy the introduction scenarios.

An easy to comprehend rules set and a well written and flowing scenario to run new gamers through is a must for a quick start product. On the Shadowrun side a serious yet fun run adventure awaits the players. A quick run for some fast food, what could go wrong? The sample characters are well fleshed out. Only a few typographical errors mar their perfection from an experienced gamer’s point of view. All of the standard archetypes are presented. Players can choose from the Street Samurai, Shaman, Decker and more. The game master is given everything needed to run the game. A map, stats and motivations for opponents and bystanders and even a twist and possible lead to future adventures are included. A decent Game Master could take this cold and be ready to run it in just a few minutes.

The printed version of the Battletech scenario is a little bit of a let down. While detailed and interesting characters are given, the flow of the game is entirely up to the Game Master as no real details other than stats on opponents and a description of the area are given. There are no maps, no suggested actions for either the players or the ‘bad guys’. The story is a little weak and the objective very hard. Experienced players trying the game for the first time might be able to find a way to complete the mission. Brand new players will most likely have problems. A Game Master running the print version will need some extra time to flesh out the details and perhaps soften the adventure for the players.

However, the online PDF version (see below) has a completely different scenario with a much more playable story line. The sample characters are not quite as fleshed out as the print versions but overall a much better introduction for new gamers. The Game Master will still need to spend a little time preparing but will not have to do anywhere near the prep work as in the print edition.

In conclusion, Catalyst Game Labs has hit it out of the park with this product. With the corrected Battletech scenario the only thing that mars it are a few small errors, mostly in the fluff. If you can’t find a print copy of this, hit the online PDF’s below. They are a great read and a welcome addition to any gamer’s library.

You can check out all of Catalyst Games Lab’s products at http://www.catalystgamelabs.com/

At the time of this writing you can find PDF versions of these books at the links below. If a link is dead just search, more than likely it’s out there somewhere.






Codex Rating: 18 (print edition)  19 (Corrected PDF)


Product Summary

Shadowrun/Battletech, a Time of War Quick-start rules

From: Catalyst game labs

Type of Game: RPG

Writer/ Artist: No information given in product.

Number of Pages: 64

Retail Price: Free!

Item Number: None.

ISBN: None.

Email: randall@catalystgamelabs.com

Website: http://www.catalystgamelabs.com/


Reviewed by: Joseph Martin