MACE 2020: T-shirts Info

Many of you have asked how you can help support MACE. Here is the answer, Buy a Shirt. This design was the leading choice so we are starting things off with our Dwarf, Ferguson Triptrap, casting a Safe Distance spell. Below is the link to order and the instructions on how to place an order. We also have Hoodies and Knit shirts available. The T-Shirts will not be printed until the week of November 4th. We need 24 to do the printing. Thanks for the support.

Follow these steps to order.

  1. Click the link and then chose the shirt you are wanting to purchase.
  2. Next select your size and color. This will give you the price per shirt.
  3. Add your first and last name in the block provided.
  4. Choose the quantity of shirts required (you can come back later to select different size or color to add to your order).
  5. Now, click add to cart.
  6. The next screen is the beginning of the payment section. You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout
  7. Continue Shopping – follow lines 1 thru 5
  8. Proceed to Checkout – Thank you for purchasing a shirt and supporting MACE
  9. Please use “” for the email address and “mace12345” for the password.
  10. You can add your shipping address here. I can either bring the shirts to MACE or ship them. There will be an extra charge for shipping. This fee will be invoiced separately by JustUs Productions.
  11. On this page, you can edit the cart if needed.
  12. Confirm or add your billing address. Click next to go to payment
  13. You can use a Credit Card or PayPal to make a payment. Invoicing for the initial shirt purchase is not an option.
  14. Place your order.


The T-shirts are a limited run due to the minimums for printing. These shirts will be available until Nov.3rd. Celebrate the Election and buy a shirt!!! T-shirts can be picked up at MACE or can be mailed (shipping will be invoiced separately). The Embroidered Shirts and Hoodies will be available for purchase on a continual basis and will be shipped as needed. These can also be pick up at MACE or MACE West as needed.This is a new site and a test for ordering MACE items. If you have issues with the site, please let me know.

MACE 2020

November 13-15 2020
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC