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MACE 2018 Featured Game Designers: Dinogami Games

Dinogami Games will be attending MACE 2018.  They are designers of  the Gunsword and will be play-testing their new game Fortune’s Favor.  

See OGRe for Dinogami Games demos. You must be registered for MACE 2018 to participate.ogre.logo20.sidemenu

About Gunsword & Fortune’s Favor

GUNSWORD is a 2-4 player tactical board game designed to recreate the elegance and aggression of a gunsword duel. Careful positioning, bluffing, and strategic card combinations are your tools to defeat your opponent.  Mix and match your favorite duelists and weapons to create your own powerful card combinations.  The unique Momentum resource and modified Chess system make every game of GUNSWORD dynamic and challenging.

In FORTUNE’S FAVOR, the newest card game from Dinogami Games, you recruit powerful mercenaries to battle for gold and glory and spill the blood of your rivals for the gods! But beware: the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses can change at the whims of the fickle crowd of spectators, gamblers, and opportunists awaiting their chance at victory!  FORTUNE’S FAVOR is a 2-4 player gladiatorial arena game in a fantasy setting with aspects of deck-builder and bidding games.

MACE 2018

November 09-11 2018
The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte, NC

MACE 2016 Features Game Designers: Dinogami Games

MACE 2016 marks the first time Dinogami Games will be attending a MACE event.  They are designers of  the recently Kickstarted Trigger Discipline, a tabletop game they will be demoing at MACE Sat and Sun.    See OGRe for Dinogami Games Trigger Disciple demos.ogre.logo20.sidemenu

Help us give them a warm MACE welcome.

About Trigger Discipline


One by one, the Capulan city-states have fallen, and risen again under a single banner…
To the West, the machinists of the Uhrstadt demand autonomy…
To the North, the ancient Chonokhat clans swear to die before they kneel…
The balance of power is delicate, and the will of a few will decide the fate of the land…
Take part in the duels of these heroes, the greatest fighters ever to live…
Take part in the exciting combat of “Trigger Discipline”

Trigger Discipline is a fast-paced, mix-and-match, tactical card game set in the world of Gevahlt. Long ago, monstrous beasts called Titans roamed the land. Gunswordsmen from all over the world trained and competed in the Wild Hunt, an annual event where hopeful fighters would pit their wits and their gunswords against these powerful creatures. Now that the Titans are all but extinct, the denizens of Gevahlt have focused their skills on each other in dueling tournaments.

First, you pick a character from our roster of Duelists. Then, choose a Weapon for them to wield in battle. Every character has a favorite weapon, but these people are experts: they can fight with anything. With eight characters and eight weapons to mix and match in the Core Set, there are over 3000 unique 2-player match-ups right out of the box.

Your Duelist and Weapon will determine the cards in your deck. You’ll end up with 30 cards representing your skills in combat. Then you just set out your characters in starting position, shuffle up, and fight! Using two unique systems to represent the flow of combat, the Momentum resource and a modified Chess movement system, Trigger Discipline is a game for all ages and experience-levels to enjoy.