The Hub Federation

The Hub Federation
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Reviewed by: Ron McClung

The Hub Federation is a new RPG Supplement from Gypsy Knights Games .

The Hub Federation is the closest thing that the Clement Sector comes to a “federation” or “stellar nation.”  It has limited authority and influence but has the potential (and probably desire) to grow.  It is made up of six primary worlds, centered around the capital Hub.  The other systems are Wilhelmveldt, Donar, Reuschle, Sigewife, and Wellington.  This is the companion sourcebook to the Subsector Surcebook 3: Hub, also reviewed here.

Just after the collapse of the wormhole, the president of Hub quickly allied the 5 other worlds after some negotiation and consolidated several available cruiser squadrons to form a space  navy.  Eleven years since the collapse, the Hub Federation remains a powerful entity in Clement Sector.  Facing the Federation now are expansionist factions within its ranks as well as pirate threats throughout the sector.  Some turn to the Federation with the expectation of protection while others shun their help.  In a campaign, they could easily be the bad guy or the good guy, depending on the GM’s approach.

From the Product page:
“The Hub Federation provides an interstellar nation full of adventure opportunities.”

The Hub was where mankind arrived in the Clement Sector.  It is the center of political power in the Federation.  The Federation Senate and President convene on Hub to govern the Hub Federation.  The Federation Navy and Marines operate out of Hub as well.  The world of Hub is a very populous one.  Being the oldest colony in the sector, its politics and culture date back further than any of the other colonies.

Another notable aspect of the Hub system is the existence of the Terminal Station – the entry point for any ships that came through the wormhole before it collapsed.  Now it houses a team of scientists who believe they can reopen the wormhole.  Most believe them to be crackpots but that does not seem to deter them.

From the Product page:
“The six worlds of The Hub Federation are detailed, as is the government which holds them together.”

The Hub Federation is a diverse region of space rife with adventure opportunity and story.  Wilhelmveldt is a pro-imperialistic world within the Hub, ruled by a hereditary monarch.  A temperate world, it is moderately populated by German-descended colonists.  With 4 major asteroid belts, Wilhelmveldt has a number of mining operations important to the Federation.  Hedonistic Donar is ruled by a dictator that overthrew the ruling council some time ago.  It too has several asteroid belts which are mined and also is the location of a Federation Navy training facility.  Reuschle is ruled through a full-participatory democracy where the people stayed linked up and vote through a cybernetic implant.  It is a harsh world leading to a strong bond among its ten million people.  Sigewife is a colony of Hub and is a gateway world to Cascadia.  The world itself is a dust ball and is administered by the Hub government.  The iceball world of Wellington has a small population of what most see as uneducated and lawless barbarians because of the lax laws and poor education system. Wellies however hold their freedom and lifestyle as a badge of honor.

In conclusion, in the review of the Subsector Sourcebook 3; Hub, I stated that the Hub Subsector was a powder keg waiting to explode.  The Hub Federation is either going to be the catalyst for that explosion or the savior from that explosion, depending on how a GM wishes to approach it.  The Hub is very aptly named but as the Sector grows, it will struggle to remain relevant.  Expansion is inevitable if they want to remain a power.  How that happens is in the hands of the GM.

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Codex Rating: 18

Product Summary

The Hub Federation
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Type of Game: RPG Supplement
Written by: John Watts
Contributing Authors: Curtis Rickman
Cover Art by: Luca Oleastri
Additional Art by: Ian Stead, Matt Kerns, Luca Oleastri, Mike Haywood, Angela Harburn
Number of Pages: 62
Game Components Included: One soft back book or PDF
Game Components Not Included: Core Traveller RPG books, Clement Sector setting book or PDF
Retail Price: $20 (US)


Reviewed by: Ron McClung