The Monday after MACE West 2015

Monday morning is here and I am mostly awake. Thank you to everyone who made the con a fun filled weekend. Ron as always did a fantastic job setting up all the gaming. Thanks to Karen and Kim for handling the registration area with ease and grace. Thanks to all the GMs who put up with me in their games, thanks to all the dealers who displayed some incredible stuff, thanks to all the GMs who ran some incredibly awesome games throughout the weekend and thank to all of you who came out to play.

I love Asheville and the DoubleTree. As Ron pointed out, the only problem is lack of space. We filled up the rooms and the hallways this year. I am already reworking the layout for next year to make sure we still have room for 2016. A special thanks to the hotel staff. They were great. And a big thanks for the cookies!

I had a blast and I hope you guys did as well. We celebrated our 5th year this past weekend and I hope you like and will use the Dice Bags we created for the give-away.

Thanks for making MACE West a joy to run!