Think Again!

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Reviewed by: Marty Connell

Think Again! is a party game from IELLO games. Originally released in French in 2012, the English version was made available in early 2014.

This is a trivia game where you are almost certain to know the answers to all the questions. That’s good, right? Well, not so fast. The twist in this game is that sometimes you need to give an incorrect answer.

Each card has six questions, and players take turns reading a question of their choice from a card. They take the deck of cards into their hand, flip over the first card and read a question. Then, they show the back of the next card of the deck. The back of the cards contain one of six symbols. Three indicate you need to give the correct answer (green circle, “Right,” or a drawing of a professor); the other three mean you need to give an incorrect answer (red square, “Wrong,” or a drawing of a dunce). The player who answers first will be given a point if they answer as indicated by the image. Otherwise, they are given a negative point.

For example, if the question is “What color are Smurfs?” and the image on the next card is a dunce, any color other than blue would be a correct response and thus a point would be awarded. If a person answers blue or a response that is not a color, they would be given a negative point.

Each player asks 5 questions and once that is done the player with the most points win.

As with any good party game, the rules are very straightforward and players can jump in and play immediately. The fun in this game is trying to be the fastest at giving a response. As said earlier, everyone knows the answers to these simple questions. The trick is how fast can your brain process an answer based on whether you need the right answer or the wrong answer. Blurting out a nonsense word doesn’t help either because the incorrect answer must be a valid answer type.

For example, if the question is “We hear with which body part?” and you needed to give an incorrect answer. Something like ‘waffles’ wouldn’t work. It would have to be an actual body part that’s not the ear.

Personally, when I first read over the rules I did not think the game would go over well with my group. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun everyone was having as we played. Trying to blurt out the correct response as fast as you can is tougher than it seems. Once we were done playing a game, everyone immediately wanted to try it again.

As a party game that only takes around 15 minutes to play, it’s a nice filler for game night when you are waiting for others to show or fill in gaps between games. The only downside is that as the number of players increase, many times people will answer at the same time and thus it’s hard to judge who responded first. In those cases, the question-giver threw out that question and gave another.

For more details on IELLO and their new party game Think Again! check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 13

Product Summary

Think Again!

Type of Game: Party Game
Game Design by: Bruno Cathala
Cover Art by:Dominique Ferland
Additional Art by:Tony Rochon
Game Components Included: 50 question cards, 6 rules cards
Retail Price: $14.99
Number of Players: 3 – 10
Player Ages: 10 and up
Play Time: 15 minutes
Item Number: 00031

Reviewed by: Marty Connell

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