mini-mace 2019: THIS IS A GM CALL!

THIS IS A GM CALL FOR mini-mace 2019!

mini-mace 2019

January 26, 2019

Bunker Hill UMC. Kernersville, NC

With MACE and the holidays behind us, we are getting ready for the return of mini-mace.  For those do not know, mini-mace (intentionally lowercase), is an official JustUs Productions game day in Kernersville.  We have pick up as well as scheduled games.  It’s fairly casual, smaller venue but always a good day of gaming.  We usually have food on site from the Grinning Goblin.  Attendance in the past has been between 60 to 100 people. I do realize not everyone can make it but those that think they can, please consider it.

For those that wish to propose scheduled games for mini-mace 2019, the best way to do that is through OGRe. Go to  Log in (Make an account if you don’t have one.) Click Propose Event on the left menu. We are accepting RPGs, board games, card games and anything else with a relatively small to medium sized foot-print.  Space for large miniature games is not available.

If you prefer to email me, please include as much information about your event as possible.  It is sort of a hassle to go back and forth with questions with so many GMs.  Include game name and any link that will explain the game and/or provide the description, especially if it is a obscure game.  Also include schedule preferences keeping in mind our standard 4 hr slot schedule (although you are not limited to that schedule).

Running at least one game gets you in free (although the fee is only $5).  We will be running 3 sessions for the most part.  For four hour slots, they will be

9 AM -1 PM

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

6 PM – 10 PM

Hope you can make it.

mini-mace 2019

January 26
Bunker Hill UMC
Kernersville, NC