UNPUB: Unpublished table top game demos

MACE 2015 will have several brilliant game designers and publishers attending for the sole purpose of demoing and play testing their unpublished games.  We feel very privileged and honored that these fine designers would use MACE as a testing ground for their ideas.  Here are a list of games currently on the schedule that are marked with the UNPUB tag, but we will have more.

The following are just some of the Unpub games on the schedule.  We expect to have more as we draw closer to the con.

The Specialists by Turnstile Games

The Specialists is a cooperative board game that recreates the feeling of pulling off a classic movie heist. Players work together against an environment that includes ever-vigilant Guards, a variety of tricky security devices, and plenty of unpredictable events that could turn a carefully-constructed plan into a mad dash for the exit. To navigate this setting, the players choose from four different types of Specialists: the slow, methodical Safecracker; the brash, smash-and-grab Muscle; the cunning and tactical Hacker; and the flashy trickster Acrobat. Play is performed using six-sided dice, a highly variable layout, and a lot of attention to detail.

Specialists Promo Poster 600

Dragon Draft Card Game

It is a four player trick-taking, draft your hand card game.  It takes similar concepts to Spades, Rook, or Euchre and turns them on their head.


This game takes place in one of the many locations in which the Christian church is forced to exist underground. The state actively opposes the church, and frequently imprisons people thought to be involved. Are you loyal to the state, or to the church? How about your neighbors? What type of things can affect this loyalty? Who can you turn to? Who can you trust? Christian Goal: Win if a majority of the players are Christians, and at least 1 is not in prison. State Goal: Win if there is no Christian majority, or if all Christians are imprisoned.

Danger on a Dirigible by Ludological Labs

Danger on a Dirigible is an exciting game of hidden identities, deduction and critical board movement. Passengers are desperately searching for saboteurs. Saboteurs are covertly trying to execute nefarious plans without giving themselves away. Neither group knows who is friend or foe. Saboteurs and their bombs must be discovered and defused before the timers elapse with devastation. However, the agents of destruction are very well hidden among the other passengers, and only have to keep at least one bomb undiscovered by the timers’ end to win.

Plays in approximately 45-60 mins, for 6-12 players, aged 13 and up.



Check OGRe often for updates.  More Unpub games are expected to be added.


Past pics of UNPUB games