When Zombies Attack

From: Attack Dice
Reviewed by:  Barry Lewis

“I don’t have to run faster than the zombies.  I just have to run faster than you.”  That’s the basic idea behind the game When Zombies Attack, a quick, easy-to-learn dice game, which I recently came across while attending a southeastern game convention where the makers, Attack Dice, were showcasing it.

The object of the game is to get rid of all your dice and be the first player to start your turn with no dice to roll.  Each game contains 16 zombie dice and a carry bag.  To start the game you first divide the dice up evenly among the players as best as possible.  If there are any leftover dice put those in the middle of the table or the “quarantine area,” which I’ll talk more about area later.  Designate who goes first and that player rolls their dice.  The dice have 3 different facings.  The headstone, which means you’ve killed the zombie, the biohazard symbol, which means that the zombie is still chasing you and the wandering zombie, which means you have evaded the zombie.  If you roll a headstone you place that die in your “graveyard” and you will not roll this die again unless it comes back into play via a certain roll.  The biohazard symbols indicate that those zombies are still chasing you.  You will keep those dice and reroll them your next turn.  If you roll wandering zombies you get the option of placing those dice in the “quarantine area” or giving them to other players, splitting them up as you see fit.

If you happen to roll all biohazards on your dice then you’ve triggered an outbreak.  All dice in the quarantine area are now added to the dice in your hand.  If there are no dice in the quarantine area when you roll an outbreak then 1 of your dice in your graveyard comes back and is added to the dice in your hand.  If there are no dice in your graveyard as well as the quarantine area then nothing happens and you turn is over.

Example of play:

It’s a 3 player game and you’re player 1.  Each player has 5 dice with the 1 extra die in the quarantine area.  You roll your dice and get 1 headstone, 2 biohazards and 2 wandering zombies.  The headstone goes to your graveyard and your 2 biohazards will be rerolled your next turn.  With the 2 wandering zombies you decide to give one zombie to one of the other players and put the second zombie in the quarantine area.  You now have two dice left to roll next turn, as long as no one gives you any wandering zombies before then.  There are now 2 zombies in the quarantine area. 

Well that’s it.  You now have the basics to play the game; it takes about 30 seconds to learn and about 10 minutes to play a full game.  I must say my colleagues and I were very impressed with the game and we all bought copies.  This game may very well take the place of another certain zombie dice game I normally carry with me.  The company, Attack Dice, hasn’t been around for very long and the game has limited distribution, at least for now, but you can easily buy it from their website.

Codex Rating:   12


Product Summary

When Zombies Attack

From: Attack Dice

Type of Game:  Dice game

Game Design by:  Emil Palisoc and John Jacobs

Cover Art by: Tim Lattie

Retail Price:  $ 14.99 (US)

Number of Players:  1-4 (but more can play)

Player Ages: 6 to Adult

Play Time:  5 to 10 minutes

Website:  Attack Dice